Thank you to all the fans for a great 2018!!


GRAND JUNCTION, CO                       MARCH 30TH, 2018                WAREHOUSE 25 SIXTY-FIVE

PARKER, CO                                         APRIL 7TH, 2018                    THE VILLA

CANON CITY, CO                                 MAY 20TH, 2018                     THE GIBSON MANSION

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO                JUNE 14TH, 2018                   THE BECKETT CENTER                  

NASHVILLE, TN                                   JUNE 21ST, 2018                    RHYME PARTNERS

NASHVILLE, TN                                   JULY 3RD, 2018                      RHYME PARTNERS

TAMPA, FL                                            AUGUST 15TH, 2018              DONOVAN THEATRE

PHOENIX, AZ                                      SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2018        JUSTIN’S THEATRE 

SAVANNAH, GA                                 OCTOBER 5TH, 2018          JOHNNY MERCER THEATRE

ANDERSON, SC                                OCTOBER 7TH, 2018           ANDERSON CIVIC CENTER

ASHLAND, OR                                   OCTOBER 12TH, 2018       ASHLAND ARMORY CENTER


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